Avoid intake errors that lead to denied claims

Join Dr. James Andrews as he introduces Registration Quality Assurance (formerly Registration Assurance), our latest application to help providers reduce downstream denials and reimbursement delays through accurate patient data collection at intake.

Multi-step automated workflows reduce manual effort and coverage-related losses through:

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    Accurate patient data 

    Validating patient registrations upfront reduces claims denials and avoids reimbursement delays.

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    Timesaving workflows

    A simpler verification process gives front-end staff more time to ensure the quality of each patient record.

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    Automated insurance discovery

    Finding more coverage is achieved with an average insurance identification match rate of 39.5%1 on uninsured accounts.

Featured Presenter:

Dr. James Andrews

Dr. James Andrews serves as Vice President of Product Management for Inovalon’s provider business unit. He is responsible for leading roadmap and product teams for the network, plus eligibility and virtual care lines of the business.

Better Registration, Less Revenue Loss

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