Get up to speed on RCD

Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) is a Medicare fraud prevention initiative that may impact your home health agency (HHA).

Our webinar helps you understand the basic principles and most commonly-asked questions of RCD.

Get ahead of the RCD game with these key insights.

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    What RCD does

    RCD aims to reduce fraud and abuse within Medicare’s HHA benefit program.

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    How RCD works

    Different RCD choices impact the speed and amount of an HHA’s reimbursement.

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    How to prepare

    Meeting critical submission deadlines is easy when you know just what you need.

Featured Presenter:

Rosey Rupp, MHA, CPC, CPPM

Senior Revenue Cycle Management Training Specialist
20+ years of healthcare experience; four years of training customers on RCM applications

Review Choice Demonstration (RCD): An Update

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