ABILITY SMARTFORCE Credentialer empowers staff to collect, organize, and track their licenses and certifications online with the added benefit of alerts that let them know when expiration dates are approaching. Managers no longer need to rely on inefficient and outdated ways of collecting and tracking credentials for their staff. Bringing transparency to the situation inspires action and address the main reason credentials lapse; forgetting it's time to renew.

The headaches, issues, and risks that come with collecting, verifying, tracking and maintaining credentials are well known so it is not surprising that organizations are quickly migrating to now affordable, cloud-based credentialing solutions. The many benefits of well-designed automation is transforming this labor-intensive process and creating a win for staff, managers and their organizations alike.

Key features and benefits:

Easily Organize
and Track Your

Organize your licenses, certifications and in-services all in one place. Access them on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.


Provides your team with the tools they need to assure regulatory compliance and avoid compliance penalties.


View data organization wide and have the option to drill down by facility, department, or unit/area


Credential documentation can be uploaded by staff or managers and all stored in one secure place with easy access, controlled by permissions, from mobile phones, tablets or computer.

Alerts and

Expiration alerts are visible to staff when requesting shifts and managers when approving shifts. Out of compliance situations are flagged on the schedule. Get push notifications via text, email.

Flexible Rule

Rules can be defined for all staff and staff with specific roles and responsibilities. Easily configure requirements, timing of expiration alerts, and access permissions.

Easily define credential rules and requirements for each department and job type throughout a facility or organization.

Eliminate Compliance Penalties
Improve Visibility & Access

Tailor to Your
Organizations Needs
Flexible Rule Definitions

Fully Integrated with ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler
No IT Requirements